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After entering into the hall of that big tech event of my city, I was amazed why I’m here and what to do with my time. Being a shy and introvert personality I was not even getting the confidence to talk with someone. Visiting multiple startup stalls without communicating with representatives was making the gut feeling more horrible.

So I tried to shake my lazy introvert inner-self to come out of comfort zone and let talk to guys standing in front of those startup desks. One, then two, then three and things started to roll out. Magic started to getting happen and confidence started to get pulled inside out. That was some snow-ball type of effect. I started to feel more excited, more energetic by asking multiple entrepreneurship questions and startup questions with those guys.

So what did I learn by doing this just-do-it-and-let-see-what-happens exercise is: The most important thing is to start. Either it is a conversation, a relationship, or a startup.

My talk process was to ask multiple questions with these newbie startups. Those questions were about business modeling, scaling, need satisfaction, the programming language used in coding the app, and angle investors.

At the end of each conversation, I used to ask those guys if they have some business card. I had 3 with my own, so we exchange them.

After coming back to my office from that event I was feeling something changed inside me. I was feeling the excitement. Excitement to join that event tomorrow again. I designed my business cards, make some A4 color print outs from the market, cut them into 3.5×2″ pieces and hit the tech conference again with new hopes and excitement to talk with strangers.

Today, my approach was totally different. I started to talk as a business mentor and started to give, give and give multiple startup advice. Business modeling, pricing, scaling advice.

One of the sad thing I noticed. Most of those startups had not any original idea. They were simply a copy of some multi-millionaire system like Airbnb or upwork. On top of that, some of those guys had not any idea of why their coded app is somewhat different from Airbnb/upwork.

I started to believe there is some serious need to career counselling these newbies graduating from universities.

Wherever you go, GIVING and more important than TAKING. PRODUCING is more important than CONSUMING.

These are some random thoughts about tech event held in my city Karachi, named Momentum.